Saturday, November 14, 2009

203, Hyperventilate

I thought I could sleep, so.. I did.
I've been awake since 5am
Therefore, 5 hours of sleep
Because today is the 15th.


I shall not elaborate much on this.


So yesterday, went to a b'day party of a distant nephew of mine.
We weren't there long.. Came, chit chat a lil, eat a lil and off we go.

Apparently, my family & I went to the National Stadium to watch the match between SG & Thai.
We got into the place during half time but but it was fine.
& trust me, we didn't even buy tix, family and I just sneaked in.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. HAHAHAHA. :D

By the time we got in, Singapore 0 and Thailand 1.
It was exhilarating, really. This is like my 'a-lot-of-times' watching a football match live and trust me, watching it live and on teev is two different things. There is like so much thrill when I watch it live, the reason why I don't tend to watch them on television. -.-

So as most of you know, the score was 1-3.
Singapore lost. D:

The crowd of pretty hyped yesterday.
And yknw, Thailand has this 'pat pat pat ... Thailand!' cheer right ?
So, Singaporean crowd did the same too. But instead, 'pat pat pat.. B U T O!'
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How cute of Singaporeans (:
A lot gave up after Thailand scored 2 goals and more gave up when they scored 3.
But whatever it is, I did have fun yesterday.
& Believe me, I'm gonna have oh so much more fun today[:



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