Monday, November 16, 2009

205, The Fifteenth [:

The Lovely Ahmad Syarifullah [:
He's 20 and old, right Rif ? :P

The Awesome Alif Abdullah !
Everyone's Mr "Cute Geek Boy".

The pretty, fine lady Malaque !
I love this lady here :D

Another fine lady Aryna !
She's MY Wonderlady.

The People's Person Izked !
He just oh so nice (:

Last but never least, MY Girls.
There really isn't a specific word to describe us.
Awesome Lovee.

So, the day came and everyone was excited.

Nurul and I bussed our way to Vivo. Surprisingly, we were the 1st to arrive. :P Followed by Mai & Wawa. Then Syarif, Malaque, Izked and Desmond. And lastly, Aai and Mira. My girls and I have been counting the days to fifteenth, being so tensed up on 15th to come so much earlier so that we can spend our 2nd Monthsary together. It was belated by 4 days tho'. Hehe.

We really appreciate the presence of Riffo, Malaque, Izked and Desmoo. Really had extra fun with them around. Talk. Crap. Gossip. Laugh. They just brought it to a whole new level.

Won't elaborate much on this.

So then, we left for MOMC.
The vibe there was just oh so exhilarating. I got to meet with the people, I miss.. Like Aryna *wink. And i got to know so many other people. I do remember some of their names but don't think I can recall them all. Apparently, I think I just met too many people at that time. Haha. But trust me, I do remember you people[:

Syarif gave a long speech. It was longgggggg. But meaningful.
So we took photos, did more crapping with Malaque and Izked with Rif and Lyph too.
I think we were the most chaotic people there.
With the loud sing along, crappy joked which led to hysterical laughters..
Zomgszxszx. D: But anyway, I had fun.

On another note, I hope to keep in contact with the people whom I just got to know yesterday. See, I told you I'm actually friendly. Hehehe. I do look forward to meeting new people and knowing that we share the same interest just makes it more exciting. To those who have my number.. Text me all you want, I'm sure to crap with you :D

The place was just filled with too much enthusiasm Ahh, how lovely.

I don't know how you look at it.. But serious speaking, I had a load ton of fun yesterday. Too much, i guess. 15th was Awesomely Dope. It was off da hook... Memorable.. Exhilarating.. Crappy. . . . I think you get my drill.

BIG Thank You to Aai, Mirah, Mai, Nurul, Wawa, Syarif, Malaque, Izked, Desmond, Alyph, Aryna, Kak SV and the-so-much-more-other-people for making my 15th a G R E A T one.


10/10/09 was the most memorable day for my girls and I for the month of October.
15/11/09 is definitely the most memorable day of the month for me in November.
So, when will December's be ?

Patience brings us a long way.


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