Wednesday, November 18, 2009

206, Lovey Dovey

Firstly, I'd like to start this post by dedicating it to that little girl above !


Aisha Love, I hope you enjoy your birthday today because it is YOUR day ! I know that you celebrated your birthday on the 15th when your Abang treated you Pizza Hut. How sweet of him (; I want you too know that I really appreciate the fact that I get to know you. Nevertheless, I still hope to be able to know you greater in years to come. I hope you'll have fruitful days ahead and take good care of yourself !

I'm looking forward to meet you cause it has been some time since I did and I Miss You !
You know that Kak Fana Loves You Too !


So I haven't been doing anything much lately.
Yes, NOTHING much.

I WANT to go out.

My eyes have been locked to the laptop. Shitszxs.
NOT a good thing.
Should be doing something productive though.
I've been on photoshop.
Making some damn invitation
Fo' some people.
Now, shaddup.

As you can see, I don't know what to blog about.
SOOOO.. It's really none of your business.
Maybe I should have my readers think of a topic for me to write about.
Then maybe it'll be easier.

Oh oh, Nabilah's sister gave birth. I don't know exactly when it is but it's TODAY.
I don't know if she has given birth or not but yea, she's gonna.
Provided that she hasn't.
But my OJ here is gna be an official Aunty.
Well, I am too but my nephew/niece wouldn't be my Abang's son/daughter but my cousin's.
Get me ? I don't think so.

So yeaaaa.
I have to fetch my lil bro soon
Then we shall go to the mall to eat.

Oh wait, I'm in Team Sezairi !


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