Saturday, November 21, 2009

207, Part Of Me

That Dearest of mine, Hidayah, above came all the way to Singapore on Thursday and I didn't meet her. She stayed at my Aunt's house for the time-being. So I called her and promised her that I'll come on Friday and so I did. I was so damn happy to have seen her, I even galloped my way to her when we met. And of course, I started it off with a nice warm hug[:

We had a catch-up session since it has been a year or so since we met.. Asked each other bout what's happening here, there when am I gonna go there and stuffs. After we had enough of chatting, we camwhored :D Took pictures, played some games at the upper floor and I tell you, It Was Fun. Then Dayah gave me a card/letter/picture. The card was nicely decorated and there was a letter/note inside.. And so I read it.. It brought me to tears and she also gave a picture of me and her when we were younger, say 9 years old ? Ahh, good memories.

I woke up at 7am for Dayah so that I can bid my last goodbye to her. Went over and we had a quick catch up. I am really sorry for not being able to be stay long, I had to follow Mum & Fakhrul for his Primary 1 Orientation.

The thing about me and Hidayah is that we grew up together. We don't seem to treat each other like cousins.. friends.. or whatnots but the relationship I have with her is more of a sister relationship. When we were younger, we would always do things together.. It was hard for us to adapt to the fact that we were separated due to some circumstances. Imagine being separated by each other when we have such a strong bond.. By separated, I mean that she moved to another country. Sure if she's still in S'pore I can still meet her frequently, but no.

But despite being in separate worlds(or country), I still am very thankful that our relationship together hasn't fade. Furthermore, I think our relationship is growing much more stronger since both of us are older now. We are pretty much mature about this and that now..

Memories of Dayah and I will never fade.
My sisterly-love for Dayah will never fade.
Till I meet her again.



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