Monday, November 23, 2009

208, 30 days


Ma's School.

Wait. Eat. Mama ends meeting at 2. Bussed our way to Orchard.


Alighted at Bras Basah. Cabbed our way from there to Changi Airport.

Changi Airport.

3 plus PM. Terminal One. Mak & Ayah going for Haj. Met all other people. Run around with Bazli. Videos. Talk. Laugh. Hugs. Tears. Mak & Ayah left for flight at around 5.30pm.

Tampines Mall.

Eat at Food Culture. Shopping. 2 tank tops. 2 tees. $59. Famous Amous. I was Happy. Looked at fishes. Dory forgot how to swim. Pretty pink fishy. No, no more fish pets at home.

Home Sweet Home.


I'm sure you understand my brief post [:
Right ?
So yes, that was what I did yesterday.

I hope that Mak & Ayah had a safe flight to Jeddah and I hope they are all safe there. I am very much happy that Mak and Ayah are off for a pilgrim's journey but at the same time sad that I won't be seeing them in a months time. But whatever it is, I will pray for their safety, good health and strength for them to complete Haj. Amin.


If you read this post and realize the bottom part missing.
Well, it is.
I swear, I'm havin a whacky thinking.
Mirah tried to cure me though :D
Stop with the lesbo-ness !



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