Thursday, November 26, 2009

209, SI Spectacular #10

From my title, it's pretty obvious that I went for Idol this week right [:
So yea, as usual, I went with Nurul but this time...
Stopping at the right bus stop,
on a scorching hot day,
having to wait for 157 for such a long time (:

As expected, we were quite early. Hahaha. Diam eh. Met Isk to get our tickets. & BIG thank you to Syarif for the 4 tix ! *wink. Bumped into Khalisa and her boyfriend. Met my other 3 girls- Aai, Wawa & Mai. Then bumped into Mi, Sya, Anisa and Hasif. Lovely Lovely People here [[[:

The Idols performed great respectively. I totally disagree with what Ken had to say for Sezairi. So wrong. Airi started the show great [: No doubt, I loved Sylvia's original song. Her song caught me for a moment there. Really like it (: Our boys, Sleeq- Alyph & Syarif, performed 3 songs during the interval. They were great and so were we. HAHAHA. Girls and I screamed like crazy for them boys ! :D I screamed damn bad that I nearly lost my voice. I could have. The reason why my throat hurts bad still.

Well, Tabby and Charles were said to be in the bottom half but there wasn't any elimination. At first, I didn't get the point. But oh wells.. Not saying that it was a bad thing or anything, but there really wasn't any thrill. All was good though. So after the show, girls and I made our way to reception, apparently to meet Lyph & Rif since we told them to be there. & yes, they were. I suppose, their performance during the interval gained them recognition and fans that there were so many people lining up to take pictures with them. I was like, okay fine.. I'll give u ppl a chance, I shall just wait. Lol.

After they got out for the big big crowd, they went over to the other side and took pics and talked with us for awhile. Which is very nice of them. Hehe (: Tell me, who wouldn't love this duo ? They'd never forget us fans :D && on the other hand, Thanks Rif for Rapsodi tickets (: Therefore, I shall see them again next Friday. Best !

Enough of typing. Now photos.

The Geek Girl with the Geeky Dude :P

With the dude which I have A LOT to say Thanks to [:

Hafiz The Hotstuff ;P

Took my last photo of the day with Farhan Shah :D

Group photo of the day [:

Before I end this post...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha To All Muslims !



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