Sunday, December 6, 2009

211, Rapsodi !

My Friday was spent going to Mediacorp to watch Rapsodi live with such lovely people [:

Went there with Nurul and her younger brother and met all the other people. Met Syafieka too :D Really have to thank her for letting us cut queue to join with Hydir Fans. Hehehehehe. Met Aryna, Azura, Amirah & Aai. (eh, yr names all start with A mayne !)

Rapsodi was okay. But the crowd was damn dead -.- Seriously ! Unlike Singapore Idol, yknw where all the fans shout, scream, cheer like nobodies business. When our dearest dudes, Lyph & Rif came out, us fans brought the atmosphere to another level.. While all other were dead, we were energetically screaming :D The boys were great and so were we. ;P Through all, the performances lined up for Rapsodi were fine [:

Being our usual self, we headed to the reception to wait for the boys. Meanwhile, we took pictures with.. Got to getta know Hydir, very nice person (: Crap, talk, laugh... All the thing you would expect us to do.. After feeling like decades for the boys to arrive, we finally got to take pics and stuffs. Awesome [:

Pardon me if you sense some laziness in this post.
Apparently, I am.

Now Pictures.


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