Thursday, December 10, 2009

212, Awesome Awesomist

On 7th Dec, Nabilah & Irah and I went to Lot 1 to catch New Moon ! :D

So, before I met Nabilah, I went for KFC with ma & Fakhrul and was left alone.. And from there, I was being stalked by some weirdo ! Eww. Met Nabilah at bpp lrt stn soon after and zoomed to Lot 1. Irah was last to arrive, all's good though[: Booked the 2pm movie and no doubt, New Moon is awesome ! I was melting slowly with every sight of Robert Pattison ! *melt* So after the movie ended, I jumped out of my sit(just a lil), and went like WHATT!?!?! This time literally. So not satisfied with the ending, so I have to wait for Eclipse i guess...

Eat, did some window shopping and ended it there since Irah had to be home by 6pm.. I definitely had a wonderful time with my girls ! & Thanks Nabilah for the treat/advance b'day present.
Soooo Much Love For Irah & Nabilah xoxoxo


Went out with family to IMM the other day cause there was some Foam & Bubble Party going on & Fakhrul wanted to go.. So we did. It was interesting really ! Especially the foam thingy.. There was this big big tub and it was filled with foam, water and kids ! Kids with foam all over them looking all so white and miserable. hahaha ! Foam flew all over the air and it felt like christmas! If I could, I would have got into that big thing, sadly I couldn't dammit ):

So anyway...

Yes, this cute boy here turned 5 the other day !
Therefore, Happy Belated Birthday Adil ! xoxo


Last but not least..

To my ever wonderful Aai, Mai, Mirah, Nurul & Wawa ! I love you girls to the very little bits. Thru good and bad.. We've definitely gone through a lot through out our 2 months together. Rmbr when odds were against us and some decided not to move on with this and that but through it all, we made it through together :D
Okay da, I love you girls.


Now now, Dayah's gna come tomorrow and I get to spend 1 week with her ! Yes, we'll go shopping, ice cream hunting, movie marathon-ing, sleepover and so much moreee :D yayayay !
So Much Love. xo

Anyway, ain't Sleeq's new blog awsome ?!

Much Love & Support xo


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