Friday, December 18, 2009

215, Smiles

So today marks the day where some people either look forward to(or not) to receive their N level results. From what I've been told and from what I see, none of my friends or the people I know failed [: Alhamdulillah! I am definitely proud of you peps and you know who you are.

In either way whether you are gonna pursue Sec 5 or head to ITE, I hope that ya'll will have greater years ahead.. Cause it's either you are still gonna take O levels or Higher Nitec [[[[:


My days been fine. I've been occupying myself with a lot of reading and doing puzzles. Though I haven't even touched my school books and it dreads me to think of school. Really. Im not even in the mood to think about what bag should I use next year, shoes, books..... But I do hope I wake up soon [:

Yknw what, I think I should get going with readingggg [:

Will have a proper post when I feel like it.


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