Friday, December 25, 2009

217, Lovely

Hello !

My blog has been pretty abandoned and that is due to my laziness. Maybe more of me... I don't see the thrill in blogging anymore somehow. Whtevr.

24th December.

Sooo on 24th December, my girls had a gathering. Well, more of a surprise birthday for Mai and Mirah. Mai turns 15 today !! and Mirah turned 16 on the 21st. I went all the way to Sengkang ALONE. Sighs. I reached Compass Point 1pm sharp(as being told) and I ended up waiting for 30mins -.- So Nurul came then, Wawa came after and Aai was known to still be sleeping. Thanks Aai. hahahahah !

Birthday song and Cake.. Like usual birthdays. Wecrapped, laughed, talk.. Being usual us. Big thank you to Mirah's mum for ordering KFC for us. Lovely. While having our late lunch, we also discovered a new word thanks to Aai. Belanak. [:

We'd never once forget to make covers when we meet. So many covers in mind, so many plans, needed such a long time.. Yet so little time. Nevertheless, we did make quite a number of videos. 24 if im not wrong. Oh, thanks to Nurul, we discovered a new word too while doing one of our covers.. Well, the next time you decide to say need, don't. Say Nod instead. *wink* :P

I Love My Girls.
"Teman Pilihan Aku.."

Somethings so share..

If you look at this picture and pay close attention to the second comment, you can see that Dearest Alyph commented on snippet covers. Aw. By any chance if Lyph is reading this.. Thank You Bro! If we're cool then so are you (:

While doing our covers. We also did a lil vid for Sezairi.. Team Sezairi !! He twitted the above about our video for him ! Aw, sweet ! xo

Next up..
Wawa gave all the 6 of us Awesomist a dedication and here's mine ! Aw, ain't she sweet ? I nearly teared okay. Hehe. We all love you too Wawa (:

So here I would like to say that I Love Aai, Mai, Mirah, Nurul and Wawa.
I know you girls know this by now but some love wouldn't hurt right.
Friends till Forever ends.

Hugs and Kisses.


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