Monday, December 28, 2009

218, So Now What

So many things that I have been doing and my readers(if any due to this dead blog of mine-.-) don't seem to be updated about wazzupppp in my life.

Today, 29th December..
Kak Yaya turns 18 ! :D

I bet you're happy to be legal now babe ! Which also means that you're able to go get a license and drive a car :P haha. Anyhoo, I hope you have a great 18 okay. All the best in your future endeavour and be sure that you have my prayers.

Much Love. xo

Since today marks the 29th of December..
MY Birthday is in 3 Days Time.
I have no specific wishes and neither am I asking for presents.
It really depends on you cause to me, it's the thought that counts. (:

(Photo grabbed from Airi's fb page) [:
I went for Singapore Idol the other day.. You should know that I have been rooting for Sezairi and I'm definitely happy for his success ! Our Idol 09.. Ah, awesome ! Our screaming and votes definitely didn't go to waste. Now now, lets not hate and start showing some love. Congratulate.

Sezairi Sezali IS OUR Idol, Deal With It. [:

I've been out a lot lately.. Which might answer(partially) the fact that my blog has been left abandoned. I've been keeping myself occupied with family especially. Been watching a lot of movies this holiday.. Just recently I watch Avatar 3D & Princess and the Frog and im gna be watching Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 tmrw. Ahhh.

I've found a new hobby this holiday. Reading. You know, I used to love reading books.(Not the past tense).. When I was around 6,7,8 year old, books were really my passion. I remember vividly that my primary school used to give badges to those who complete their book review and I was always a badge a head of my class. HAHAHA. Then I no longer found the thrill in reading. BUT I have begin to cultivate the habit of reading this holiday. Alhamdullilah. (:

I Am Contemplating On Whether Or Not To Delete My Blog.
Yes, I have been thinking of that..

Just in case I decide to abandon my blog till the end of this year,
I might as well say this while Im blogging now..

Happy New Year People ! xoxo

Alright, HugsandKisses.


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