Thursday, January 14, 2010

219, My First 2010 post.

Yknw what, this is like my first 2010 post.

As you can see I have made complete changes to my blog. [:
This is because: -
I am lazy to blog no more.
I don't find the thrill in blogging compared to a few years ago.
Like I've said, I have kept a personal diary. I can write everything & ANYTHING there.
I don't really have time for the laptop since school has started.
I am lazy.

I don't even know if I have readers and I wouldn't be surprise if I don't.
Apparently, I have no promises on blogging everyday/once a week/once a month/once a year..
Sooner or later, I might just stop blogging.
Then, it'll just be a reference for me. Maybe to laugh at myself in a few years to come.

Therefore, I have no promises.
But I really don't mind if you read once in awhile(you might end up reading the same thing though).
Cause I might update once in awhile yknw.
And maybe someday when I feel like blogging long posts again, I will.
But not now.

Just so you know, I won't be adding links, therefore don't ask me to link you up.
I get pretty irritated with people who change their url frequently anyway.
But.. I got over it and pretty much learned to ignore such things.
I too will not put up a Cbox.
I don't wish to have people commenting and I don't want it to collect dust.
And don't even bother searching for a comment button..
Cause apparently, you're not allowed to comment.
Therefore, you won't be able to reach me here.

I have a facebook and twitter account.
Add me or follow me there.
I do have msn but I am not quite active.
And I don't check my email frequently either.
You can still call or text me if you need anything.
Cause I'm just one call away.

Until my next post, which really, I don't know when..
Meanwhile, take care people [:
Fana Loves All Of You. [:


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