Sunday, January 24, 2010

220, Im Back !

My title sounds kinda stupid cause it isn't like I went out of the country anyway.
So whatever about it, I now here to blog :D
I haven't been on the laptop for about 4 or 3 days for the past week.
And I definitely have missed a lot ]: Grrrr.
But Im happy about that though, too much laptop time isn't good anyway.

School has been pretty productive(duhh), as it should be.
For a moment, I got a lil side track due to something personal..
But yknw what, I really don't care about it now.
Yknw, as you grow older, you know how to understand thing better too[:
Drama has been pretty hectic too with rehearsals for CNY skit.
That's just the beginning though; gta hang on to it.
One thing I am definitely looking forward to is the trip to Australia !
Olalalagahhhhhhh !

I have been watching vids of em' duo- Alyph & Syarif..
It has definitely been quite awhile since I last saw them or went for their performance.
The last time I saw them was during Singapore Idol Finale & that was long ago mayne!
It's gna be about a week since I last met them ):
So here I say that, I Miss Sleeq.

I was watching videos of them and started laughing. (HAH!)
Then I started to miss them D:
Rmbr when we always get damn high when they start to sing Cun Saja or Untuk Dia ?
We'd sing till we lose our voices and we really don't care.
I Miss That.
I miss it when us fans just get together and crap and talk and sing together.
I Miss That.
And I miss taking pictures with them boys ):

Not to mention, I Miss My BbyGirls too- Awesomist !
I am very sry if I have not contacted you girls.
It feels as if Im drifting away for you girls ):
But I doubt that'll happen.
Yknw, I can watch our videos again & again, every single day and not get bored.
That's how I feel when Im with you girls too, I NEVER get bored.
Though when I don't txt, call or even read your twits(since im like not on the lappy tht much)..
The videos I watch still make up to it. [:
So here I say, I Miss Aai, Mai, Nurul, Wawa, Mirah ]:


Anyhoo, the post above was typed like 4 days ago but I didn't publish it. Dammit.
Now now, school work has been pretty hectic.
I have school, end school in the afternoon and all I do after that is school work.
Im not suppose to be blogging now anyway, but I think my blog need a lil blogging.
So, whtevr.

Some things have been filling my mind these days and it times it bothers me.
But I try to push them aside and think about the advantages and good.
But at times.... I fail to do so.
And now, I've realized where I went wrong...
- I've learned to turn them down but not shut them down.


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