Saturday, January 30, 2010

221, Mysterious You.

I Miss Alyph & Syarif D:
Im sure em' Sleeqers had a fantastic time at ECP yday..
And I wasn't there to share the fun D:
6th Feb, why do you have to be a week away ?!?!
I want 6th Feb to come in a jiffy so that I can spend time with em lovelies..
Come here soon, 6th Feb, very soon.. Pls.


The smile on your face, imprinted in my mind.
The glare you held on me, got me butterflies.
With those eyes, you look at me, inscribe in my mind.
The first glance felt as if we were communicating.
The sight of you, and my heart starts accelerating.

When you looked away, my eyes transfixed on you.
When you saw my way, I looked away from you.
Guessing if I knew what you were thinking too.
Secretly spying on each other as if not knowing.
Now you got me thinking, 'who are you?'

The thought of you still linger in my mind.
I don't seem to get you out of my mind.
I don't know the slightest thing about you.
Not your name or even you.
But it felt like electricity passing through each other.
Got me ponder and wonder.

Now, Mysterious You.
Who exactly are you?
You're like the Prince still unknown to the Princess.
Like a child still bewildered to the surrounding town.
Like a daughter who lost her mother.
Still yet to be known or found.

I need to know who you are..
Maybe we'll find each other someday again,
Mysterious You, whoever you are.

This was just a poem I came up with..
The words just happened to come up within minutes
& I just decided to have em written down..
Nt that I am taking Lit in Sec 3 or whtevr.
Not even having a thought of even taking it! Ew.

K byeeeee.


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