Thursday, February 11, 2010

222, Fabulous February

6th February 10.

(I texted the things below while I was on my way home from meeting my Bbygirls Awesomist, just that I forgot to send it -.-. So, I shall post it here instead :D So here's something, something for you Awesome Girls. )

"Dearest Lovelies..

1. I felt stupid to have had myself blindfolded, walked into the mall, knocking into some nenek and having to be bullied.
2. I was utterly touched when then blindfold thingy was part of my surprise belated bday celebration cause all the while I thought I was blindfolded for coming late.
3. I am sorry for having to have came late.
4. I thank you Awesome Bbygirls profusely for your thoughtfulness.
5. I was definitely awesomessly happy to have met you girls after so long.
6. The boys were great during their performance and so were we.
7. I thank Mai & Wawa for the skirt.
8. I thank Aai for the food from Arnold's.
9. I thank Mirah for the accessories.
10. I thank Nurul for the dope shades.
11. I thank each and everyone of you for the colourful wheelbarrow with all your lovely wishes.
12. I thank all of you for such a short yet awesome day.13. But mostly, I thank Allah for blessing me with such a wonderful gift, that is my dearest Awesomist Bbygirls.
14. I Love Aai, Mirah, Mai, Nurul & Wawa.
15. Number 14 is the truth and no less.
16. Number 1 to 13 is the truth too, and so is number 16, No Lie."

That mentions about everything on 6th Feb..

From Aai !
From Mai !
From Mirah !
From Wawa !
From Nurul !
From Sleeq- Alyph & Syarif !

7th February 2010.

I thought of supporting the boys yet again though I met them the day before.. After enough of contemplating, I decided to miss that. It was either family & airshow or Sleeqshow. Family comes first, so family it is [: Furthermore, the recording ends around 11++pm and I can't possibly take the bus or cab alone(heh) back home & I don't wanna burden Papa either.

Sooo, family and I went to watch Airshow ! It was funnnn, I tell you. Got to watch planes and jets and helicopters fly above us... It was cool. The scorching weather was pretty threatening though, I nearly got sunburnt. Grr.. Got the opportunity to look at all those dope flying machines close up too [[[: Being a pilot seems like a pretty neat job, you get to fly high above ground, into the sky, with fluffy clouds. How amazing. [:


Other than all those, school has been pretty hectic. Drama has been 3 times a week, including longer hours due to rehearsals for CNY. Homework are piling since Common Test 1 is like in 2 weeks time ! D: Im feeling pretty confident in some subjects, can do better for most, and not-so-confident for some.. I think I lack revision, like seriously. After reclaiming rest, I shall get myself together as soon as possible ! Okay Best, I better put this to action.

Anyway, Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day are around the corner..

It's pretty obvious that I wouldn't be blogging for like a week or more.. or so..
Therefore, an early Happy CNY for those celebrating it :D
& Happy Valentine's to all ! [[[:

Anyway, Nabilah's my valentine this year.
I don't need a boyfriend to be my valentine, all I need is wonder friend.
Cause some things I know I can assure Nabilah is that,
As a bestfriend, I will not MIA suddenly.
As a bestfriend, I will tell her everything, if not, 3/4 of it.
As a bestfriend, I will not go look around for other poeple to be my bestfriend.
As a bestfriend, I know that it will be very different without her.
As a bestfriend, she will always have my back, no doubt.

Even some boyfriends can't even fulfill this 5 reasons.
And please, don't talk about boyfriends also laa..
1 thing I cannot assure is a forever friendship with Nabilah,
but I can assure good memories to treasure with her everyday for forever.



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