Sunday, February 28, 2010

223, So long..

Hello Lovely People..
Seems that I haven't been here for quite sometime alright. Looks dusty to me. Huahuahua.
Anyway, lots have been happening in life lately.
Shall list them down briefly.

Where should I start? ...

Alright, so during the CNY holidays, I spent two days in Malaysia. On one of the days, family and I went to meet my grandmother there during the night. Wasn't for long though.. *love* We then headed to Mak's house at Kulai. It was damn awesome I tell you.. Yknw in Malaysia, people get to play with fireworks right? And throughout our time there, fireworks were in the air. Once, there were these fireworks that was just above Mak's house. It was just right above me & damn it was kinda close! Bring sucha vibrate vibe :D

The next day, family and I went to Malacca with Umi's family & with my two nephews on my mum's side. I swear it was scorching hot! But fun [: Went to the malls, did a lil shopping.. We ate a lot! Abg Nor brought myself and bro to the arcade.. Eat some more and reached home early in the morning again -.- Daneal's soooo cute !

Mama & I have been shopping too. AGAIN. I bought another shoe too. AGAIN. I brought jeans, shirt & a cap from Esprit. AGAIN. I spent more than a hundred. AGAIN. -.-

Hmm.. How bout school? School has been okay. Got pretty tensed up with exams but it's all done now.. Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer all questions and I hope I'll get excellent grades. Pray hard.

Drama has been pretty exciting too:D All of us been pretty with our Spectrum, Drama Challenge & Cyber Wellness production respectively. Im in the Cyber Wellness production and I'm the lead role[: I didn't think I could do it but i'll try.. There is definitely so much to learn from and a lot of mistakes that I have to learn from too. Chermaine's definitely an awesome actress and at this stage, I need her guidance to make me a great actress as well (: We'll be headint to Australia in June too ! Will share more of that some other time [[:

Other than that, friends been pretty cool. I just love Syaza, Nabilah & Irah.. The 4 of us are just perfect.. No less. And neither do we need to add another party in our friendship, everything is cool. & I've told Nabilah almost about everything, including the things that I kept from her last year. Sometimes, you just can't predict what others have to say but when you let it go and they understand, it gives you a sense of relief.

Hmmm.. Oh yeah, went over to Kak Ogy's house yesterday since Insyirah had her cukur rambut. Ahhhh, the baby's so cute! And so is her big baby brother, Bazli:D hehe. It felt like a childcare centre for once cause at a point, there were many babies sitting/playing together.. haha. [:

Lastly, I miss Alyph & Syarif. The last time I met them was definitely longer than my last post. Im glad that I get to let some of these misses go since Rif been on teev. Thank God, he'll be on television each week! & Lyph was on teev about a week ago too. Still, watching vids and watching them on television still ain't the same as meeting them. Anyway, I don't know why but everything I watch them on television, my heart throbs. Aftr Rif show os testimony, I got to chat with him and then my heart raced like never before. It did the same while I was watching him on television, same goes for Alyph. Why uh? :/ It's like when I meet them, everything is just cool, it seems like no biggy.. But when I see them on television, my heart throbs. Weird:/

I miss my Bbygirls too.. Im sry I couldn't go for the show tmrw. I really want to but I can't. Sighs.

When you find love and get it, you feel much more contended. You feel extremely complete and it's like the world revolves around you. You get the attention you need. Constant smiles with each thought. The touch of your lips and the warmth of your hug with the presence is like you're brought to another world. It's like you're so close to someone, so very close that you can't be apart somehow. Another, is when someone just does not come to his senses. That person is blind. How can someone so close be so far so to the other? At times, people get crushed. They curse and swear and cry. But then, they just don't learn their lesson. They repeat the whole process again. Why? Because love is so great. Love overwhelms everything. Love makes you blind to everything else. Love makes you feel important, it makes you feel complete.

I've learnt to live with all those. I've learnt to live it only with my family and friends. I haven't dared to share it with a specific person. I've learnt to be patient and at times I regret. At times I feel thankful for what I have. At times, I think back. At times, I am at my best. At times, I've feel like I need someone to be at my best. & At times, I think I'm losing out. But I've decided to do it my way, and that's to wait, be patient. Cause now, I don't think I've healed enough to head back to square 1.


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