Friday, March 12, 2010

225, Gone.

Hello Lovely People. (:

Tons of things have been happening in life. Family, School, Friendship, Exam result, Camp... You name it. I wouldn't mind listing everything if I wanted to waste a few hours of my time. Too bad. Briefly, everything has been fine just some minor issues here and there but all's good.

My Exam result are okay too. Not satisfying but okay.

I'm taking 9 subjects this year, and I got A's for 6 of my subjects.

Okay so my Malay sucks; C5. It IS obvious that my Malay sucks. I have the tendency to converse in English most of the time. Even if I do communicate in Malay, there's nothing practical about it, which is normal. & both my written and spoken malay is umm.. pretty messed up too.

Don't talk about D&T. Absolutely disappointing. I have to bare with an underlined, fail mark imprinted in my report card. I can assure you that my theory for D&T is bullshiat but my practical is of a higher standard. Which does mention my marks- Without practical wok, my D&T just sucks.

My Math marks are okay, just not satisfying. I was anticipating and A but I got a B instead, I missed out by 2 marks. Why ? Cause apparently, I was just too careless. I had a few questions with the right steps, right methods just that my final answers were wrong due to wrong signs or alphabet. With that, I loss quite a few marks.


March holidays are here !
Thank goodness ! :D
I'll blog about the activities/plans I'll be involved in during the March holidays when I find the time to blog again. Meanwhile, I hope all of you have an awesome holiday :D

Alrighto, I'm outszxsz.


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